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No Matter who you are or where you are in your life, everyone can utilize and benefit from Spiritual Healing and Psychic Serices
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Chakra Balancing
Life Readings
Pricing Table
Chakra Balancing
Each Chakra
  • Cleanse and Re-Align Your Chakra
  • Energy Transformation (life-lasting)
  • Find Clear Purpose, Guidance and Direction
Daily Personalized Horoscope Readings
50/ Day
No set up fee.
  • Built on Bootstrap
  • Find Your Customized Readings Daily for maximum direction and clarity in all areas of your life
  • Access daily communication and support
Readings (Elite)
Custom Upon Consult
Billed annually, no set up fee.
  • Personalized Readings From one of the world's best psychics and spiritual healers, the Psychic Spiritual Healer 
  • Include: Psychic readings, Tarot card readings and Palm Readings. Past Life Readings, 
  • Aura Cleansing, Crystal Healing, and Angel Readings
  • Medium and spirit guidances
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Phone Readings Available
424.302.6092 (Beverly Hills)
909.827.1096 (Inland Empire)
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